Gainsborough Trinity Disabled Football.


  • Gainsborough Trinity Disability Need Your Help: Kieran Robson explains: "I'm hoping to raise funds to support my football team, Gainsborough Trinity Disability Mens in getting them entered into a league, some new training equipment and to help with training costs."
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    “ I helped establish disability football in Gainsborough 7 years ago. We started out with Midtown United back in 2013, after a rocky start we managed to get a full team together and entered into our local league. Following the successes of winning the league several times and later in 2016 winning the FA Peoples Cup also, this got the teams name well known and we successfully set up a 2nd team and then later, a youth team for children with different disabilities which is still going also to this day and they could use a little help too. Unfortunately, we parted ways with Midtown and then joined with Gainsborough Trinity Foundation. Owing to us being a self-funded team it hasn't been as easy getting going like the first time around so we rely on help from sponsors and other donations."

    “Now more than ever, the team is critically close to having to cease activity so for one final push, one final squeeze, we need your help!"

    We start training on the 2nd of October, 6-7pm on Rose's Astro, North Warren Road.

    We have a qualified coach and are a great group of lads to be with!

    “Just that 1 hour a week training can make a huge difference to disabled peoples social and mental wellbeing. Without sounding too cliché, help me to help them!”

    To enter the league we need £216. We have set up a GoFundMe page and would welcome your donation however small. Please find us on www.gofundme.com>gainsborough-trinity-disability Thank you!

    Gainsborough Wishes are pleased to donate £100 to this fantastic team! We hope they are able to join their league and will be following their progress this season.