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‘50 Acts of Kindness’ is a campaign launched in 2020 by Muldale. It is an initiative that the local retailer, who sells internationally through their Heapham Road based warehouse, wanted to use to give something back to their community.

If you would like to know more about it then take a look at their blog: https://muldale.com/blog/50-acts-of-kindness-our-2020-pay-it-forward-campaign/


Jodie King, Ecommerce Manager at Muldale, runs the initiative and had this to say on their efforts to date:

“The team started with a big donation of food, toiletries and other items to Gainsborough Food Bank in December 2019. They all felt like they had accomplished something important and it was something they wanted to do more of. So, I put out the feelers and started talking to local charities and organisations to see what we could achieve. The response was great and we realised there were lots of little acts of kindness we could do to bring some support to valuable campaigns that would have a big impact on the local area.”

Muldale have started the year with momentum and are now an official sponsor of Climbers Against Cancer (CAC) which is a charity that means a lot to the family run business. Next on the agenda is delivering hedgehog homes to a lady in Saxilby who rehabilitates local wildlife, taking any returned blankets to the homeless in Lincoln (or nearer areas depending on need) and contributing items for sale to local charities.

The ambition is to finish the year 50 Acts of Kindness lighter and if they can smash that target then they will be even happier.


To browse the blog and find out more about Muldale take a look at their website: https://muldale.com

If you are a local community group please e-mail Jodie at marketing@muldale.com and see if Muldale can help you.