Mercer Wood Community Group - come and join us!

Who are we? We are a community run project in Gainsborough, aiming to manage and improve the area known as Mercer Wood for the benefit of the community by maintaining, supporting and developing the plant and wildlife biodiversity within the area. Anyone is welcome to join our community to help us in our project in any way that they can on a voluntary basis. If you have an interest in nature or would like to help plan our future developments, contact us to have your say. Tel 01427 612936 or e-mail



Such an exciting night at the Lincolnshire Environment Awards. Mercer Wood Community Group won the Orsted Community Award and the Overall Award at the event which was held at Lincoln’s Bentley Hotel on Thursday 6 June. The inspiring and uplifting evening demonstrated how important our natural heritage is and how we can all play a part in its protection and recovery. Thank you everyone for all the vision and hard work – so delighted it has received recognition!

“We were just overwhelmed at winning both awards, it is a wonderful boost for us. It was so reassuring to realise that there is already a wider understanding of the need to nurture urban green space and its wildlife, both for biodiversity and the climate emergency, as well as human health and wellbeing.” Gill Bardsley Mercer Wood Community Group

The woodland is known as Mercer or Mercer's Wood. It has sadly become overgrown and uncared for, but is nevertheless a much used community open space. In 2010, local residents formed the Mercer Wood Community Group. Their vision is to manage the area as an amenity for all to enjoy, developing possibly a community garden and orchard, a small nature reserve or a country park to conserve what is already there.

What would you like to see developed? Your input on the use of this community area is valued! Let us know what you would like to see here! Or you could lend a helping hand. As a volunteer, you can give as much or as little time as you can spare. Currently, we are at the planning stage - we would like you to have a say in how the area is used in the future.