The LEAP Community Art Project August 2021.


The project organised by LEAP was first started pre lockdown towards the end of 2019 and a lot of hard work has been done in the background since then. Headed by Heidi DeWolf the project brought together local residents, and local organisations including Connexions, Benjamin Adlard School, and the x-church. Saturday 31st July was spent cleaning and priming the boxes in preparation for the painting to be done on the following day. All together over 30 volunteers were involved.

Heidi had this to say last week,

“We are so excited to tell you about our forthcoming Community Art Project in Gainsborough, which has been funded by the Stop Loan Sharks Fund and West Lindsey District Council. Following the receipt of some amazing ideas & drawings from children at Benjamin Adlard School, young people from the Connexions Community Hub and from residents living in the South West Ward, the designs were drawn up by Mia Monroe from Lincoln Art Ninjas. These designs will be translated on to 10 Virgin Media, Open Reach & WLDC telecoms boxes across the ward with the help of over 30 volunteers on Sunday 1 August 2021.”


"Why are we running this Community Art Project?

The project aims to raise more awareness of the dangers of falling into the hands of Loan Sharks and the importance of reporting them to the Stop Loan Sharks Team.” – Heidi DeWolf. Leap.



We are so incredibly humbled by all the support and comments received from residents of all ages.

On Saturday 31 July 2021, the weather was with us and we were joined by 14 local volunteers to apply the basecoat to 10 of the telecoms boxes. The numbers involved meant that light work for all.

We checked the weather on the Saturday evening and Sunday promised to be a fairly dry day as well, with a rain shower expected between 12pm and 1pm. The picture however looked very different the morning of Sunday 1 August 2021. Looking at the Met’s forecast again, we were warned of rain from 2pm onwards, giving us a morning to get going. The weather however remained much more unpredictable as we had light showers throughout the morning. Despite the weather, over 30 volunteers of all ages joined in on Sunday 1 August 2021. Among them were the young artists from Benjamin Adlard School, young people from Connexions Community Hub and local residents.

For a while the painting continued under umbrellas holding off a light shower…

… but as the morning progressed, the showers got heavier and harder to hold off. The decision was made to not continue and postpone to a drier day. In the time we had available, our amazing volunteers had managed to complete some of the boxes, while others were half completed. We were grateful that the team at x-church were able to assist with a packed lunch for all and shelter from the rain.


Not wanting to leave the designs half-completed for too long, a proposal was made to return the following day (Monday 2 August 2021). Calls were put out to all agencies and volunteers who helped out on Sunday, however being a weekday many were unable to join us. We were however joined by a mum and son for completing one of the designs on the Gainsborough Roundabout.

With great leaps made on the Sunday by Matt Snee from West Lindsey District Council, Kallum, one of LEAP’s residents and the young people from the Connexions Community Hub, we were able to just add some finishing touches to the Sun Flower by Trinity Art Centre and the Lion by our HATS Community Hub …

The young people at Connexions Community Hub had also made great progress on the two boxes at the end of Portland Terrace (Thank you to LEAP’s caretaker, Kneale for ensuring the grass was cut around the boxes). Side-by-side, the boxes tell an important story for all. If you find yourself overwhelmed with financial worries, please know that there are many local agencies who can support you. Among them is one of our funders, the Stop Loan Shark Team, who want people to beware of and report Loan Sharks.

Hence the themes of some of our boxes …

We have a few more boxes to finish off on a dry day in the near future. Watch this space!


With this update, we would like to thank all the volunteers from LEAP, Connexions Community Hub, Benjamin Adlard School, x-church and other local residents. We also thank our funders and sponsors, including the Stop Loan Shark Team, West Lindsey District Council, Virgin Media, BT Open Reach, B&Q and Morrisons. We thank Mia Monroe, our commissioned artist, as well as all the kind, positive and supportive messages shared on the day and on Social Media.

We are planning a further project and hope everyone will take part. If you would like to keep up-to-date, please follow the LEAP Housing & Support and/or HATS Community Hub Facebook Pages.

#LEAPGainsboroughArtProject #GainsboroughArtProject2021If you would like to find out more or be involved in any future projects Heidi can be contacted at Leap.

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