“Kind Hearts “Hear” To Help” is a new initiative set up by Gainsborough resident Graham Swaby. Graham aims to bring together information leaflets from various mental health and wellbeing organisations agencies and display them in Kind Hearts stands in key spots around the town. Graham who at the moment is using his own funds to purchase the stands recently had his first display accepted by Wetherspoon in town.

In Grahams own words “Having researched and met only a few of the wonderful support groups within the Gainsborough area in the community I then became anxious on how difficult it could be for others without direct referrals. Whilst many in the town may know of these wonderful mental health & wellbeing support groups naturally there will be many who do not know where to start with the search on their own. The first "Kind Hearts "Hear" to Help” display is now in its lovely new home at Wetherspoon for the public to gain benefit from more easily. Naturally, for all emergency and clinical related concerns the local hospitals and local surgeries are to be contacted”


The display is filled with local information on:

· Anxiety

· Depression

· Social Activity Sessions

· Peer Link 1 to 1’s

· Employability Courses and more

· Volunteering

· Drug and Alcohol

· Gambling

· Counselling

· Housing Solutions

· Citizens Advice

· Careers Guidance

· Wellbeing Services

Also with national information on:

· Bereavement

· Suicide Intervention/Prevention Housing Solutions

Not all these groups have printed leaflets, nor the funding, therefore I am liaising with a couple in the hope I can produce some to place in the display for further promotion of the groups to the public.


There will be two styles of the display in due course, the countertop and to follow a slim wall mounted style. I am funding these myself currently. The initiative is aiming to become national by locating the displays in high public profile supporting venues therefore to contribute to the manufacturing costs I have produced a Just Giving fundraiser:



“Kind Hearts "Hear" to Help" wishes are below. As you can see there are many sides to Grahams project so if you can help in any way he can be contacted on: leaflets@kindhearts-heartohelp.uk Thank you!