Be The Difference


Be the Difference was created in 2019 following the unexpected suicide of a local young man. In the weeks that followed the event it quickly became apparent that there was a dire lack of support available for anyone unable to wait for the NHS (up to 9 months at that time) or who could not afford to pay for private therapy themselves. We began fundraising via Facebook initially and then in the wider local community with events and competitions etc.

Over the last 18 months we have managed to help over 100 people and have raised and spent over £25,000 on counselling fees. Every penny raised has been used to provide support for the people who need it the most and, particularly during the last 12 months, there have been very many cases of attempted suicide that we have been able to reach quickly and effectively. Thanks to the generosity of local supporters, we have not yet had to turn anyone away when they needed us.

We have a wonderful bank of therapists on whom we are able to call. They each have their area of specialty including psychotherapy, PTSD, children’s mental health etc and we have emergency professionals in place for the most urgent of calls. We also offer support to the family members concerned which is vital for the ongoing treatment of the individual.

This year we plan to grow further and currently exploring lots of new ideas, to ensure our local community get the support they need, as due to Covid-19 we are currently living in a mental health pandemic. We have launched our exercise therapy, walk and talk buddy zone and currently getting ready to launch our support groups.

We work closely alongside The Studio Gainsborough, as we recognise the importance of wellbeing through fitness and supporting you on your journey.

We welcome any donations, to help us to run. Please donate through paypal: www.paypal.me/bethedifferencefund or contact support@bethedifference.org for bank details.